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Rubens Barn

Rubens Barn Tummies - Summer - age 0+

Rubens Barn Tummies - Summer - age 0+

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Rubens Barn Tummies

- Organic Cotton Warming/Cooling Empathy Doll

- age 0+

An earth-kind, soft, empathic doll with a removable wheat bag you can heat in oven or microwave for cosy bedtimes, or cool in the freezer for hot days, fevers, and bruises.

The wheat is organically-grown in Sweden. The doll's outer layer is certified 100% organic cotton, and its stuffing is 100% certified-recycled polyester.

Rubens Barn began in Sweden in 1998 with two mothers who wanted to create a soft cuddly doll, with a child-like body shape and a warm, cheeky face. A comforting friend for an entire childhood. “Children should...get the opportunity to practice creativity, care and empathy through role play.” Teruko, Co-Founder of Rubens Barn

Each Rubens Barn doll is handmade - involving over 100 steps! They use 100% organic cotton for the body, hair, and clothes. The eyes are embroidered and bring the doll to life.

The dolls' filling has to date been virgin polyester plastic, but the Rubens Barn team are committed to using the most earth-kind materials, so have started an exciting project: to switch all dolls to 100% recycled polyester filling! So far only Mini EcoBuds and Tummies have made the switch (so we stock them), but we will gradually add all their lines as they switch.

Important: Remove the wheat bag from the doll before heating or cooling:

  • Microwave: About 60 seconds at 600W (or less time at higher watt level), microwave must be clean :-); or
  • Oven: About 10 minutes at about 100°C for 10 min; or
  • Freezer: 1-3 hours.
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